Meet Marcus

Meet Marcus

From Electrician to Head of Culture: Unveiling the Layers of Marcus's Journey at Forbes Care

Let us introduce you to Marcus, a skilled problem-solver, an exceptional leader, and a crucial part of the Forbes Care family. His journey from electrician to Head of Culture within our team is an inspiring story that showcases dedication and an undeniable passion for the health industry.

Marcus's career began with an electrical apprenticeship right after high school. Upon successfully completing his apprenticeship, he ignited his entrepreneurial spirit by starting his own business, which he ran for five years. After a brief 6-month culinary detour, Marcus found his true calling: the health industry.

Thanks to Kelly, Marcus tasted the world of health as a RAS assessor and fell in love. After four fulfilling years, Marcus joined Forbes Care in 2019 to relieve Kelly's workload while discovering new ways to contribute to the company’s growth.

As Forbes Care's Head of Culture, Marcus relishes in the problem-solving aspect of the health industry. He delights in the life-changing impact that professionals can have on patients’ lives and enjoys witnessing the personal growth and development of their collaborative team.

Marcus makes sure to shower his team with the support and opportunities he yearned for as an employee. This empathetic approach reflects his dedication to serving both staff and patients, a quality that emanates throughout the Forbes Care family.

Working at Forbes Care has been fruitful for Marcus, teaching him not just to adapt and innovate, but also to develop a deep love for management and staff support. Balancing his role as Head of Culture with the fun challenges of working alongside his wife, Kelly, for four years, speaks volumes about his commitment to the Forbes Care team.

Marcus knows that it's the exceptional training and support offered by Forbes Care that sets it apart in fostering a nurturing environment for OT professionals. He proudly shares that their open and welcoming workplace encourages learning, growth, and incredible progress within just a year or two.

Sharing memorable moments, Marcus recalls Kelly’s combative efforts to shut down subpar support accommodations. This victory significantly improved the quality of life for affected clients, underscoring the unwavering commitment the Forbes Care team has to their field.

Meet Marcus, an engaging Head of Culture who mirrors our dedication and drive to provide unparalleled support and problem-solving solutions. With leaders like him, Forbes Care isn't just about occupational therapy; it's about changing lives and making every moment count!

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