Meet Geordie

Meet Geordie

Meet Geordie: Occupational Therapist & Clinical Training and Development Coordinator

As a young boy, Geordie dreamt of serving in the military for the love of his community and Australia. However, a severe knee injury requiring surgery and lengthy rehabilitation threw a wrench into his dreams when he was just 14 years old. A friend who had freshly enlisted in the military shattered his hopes by clarifying to him that his knee condition would prevent him from realising his ambition.

Geordie reflected on this life-changing news, using it as a catalyst to pivot toward another noble profession. He decided that while he couldn't serve as envisioned, he could guide others to achieve their dreams through occupational therapy (OT). "I realised that through OT I could help people achieve and/or return to theirs," he explains.

In 2018, after completing his studies, Geordie commenced his career as an OT. His work spanned a mix of rural and metro settings, providing independent service to several NDIS and HCP companies. In 2022, sensing that he had plateaued as a standalone OT, he made a significant career decision - to join a team of experienced OTs. "Around 18 months later I am very grateful that I could make the call that I had got as far as I could on my own as I have loved every moment of being a part of an OT team," shares Geordie.

Passionate about his work, he notes the difference OTs make in their clients' lives. From prescribing life-changing mobility aids like wheelchairs to impacting minor yet essential tweaks in daily routines, their influence is profound. Dealing primarily with individuals grappling with psychosocial disabilities, Geordie often knuckles down on what he calls the "1% changes." He says, "Just things as simple as helping the client set a routine which allows them to get out of bed an hour earlier often has a flow-on effect to other areas of daily life."

When asked about what he's gained from working at Forbes Care, Geordie highlights the importance of being resourceful as part of a team. "As a sole clinician of 4-5 years, I had grown so set in my ways of taking all jobs on myself and not reaching out," he confesses. "Since being with Forbes Care, the biggest thing I have learned is to let go and be a team player."

One aspect he appreciates about Forbes Care is its attention to supervision. Geordie lauds the company's exceptional approach, providing numerous opportunities for interactive sessions with a supervisor. Such open and fear-free discussions are a crucial difference from his past experiences.

An encounter early in his career still resonates with Geordie. During his third-year TCP placement in Toowoomba, he remembered an elderly gentleman sitting alone at a local Blue Care facility. Following his instincts, Geordie made time to converse with him, engaging in a heartfelt discussion about life and family. To Geordie's surprise, after the gentleman's discharge, he left behind a paper flower for Geordie, a token of gratitude for the precious time he'd gifted him.

Indeed, small kindnesses can have impressive impacts. That moment reminded Geordie that a gesture as simple as lending an ear, lending a bit of time, can significantly change a person's life. Thus, each day, Geordie brings his dedication and love for OT into practice to ensure his clients' road to recovery and self-improvement.

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